Take a Break From Social Etiquettes, Use Kitkat App

Managing time for posting status updates, liking others status, commenting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter and other activities on social networking sites is a hard task. Youngsters spends few hours daily to indulge in social media sites and after wasting their precious time they blame themselves. A survey conducted in US, China and Singapore, found that over 50% of young adults find it too time consuming and stressful to keep up with all their social media commitments.

What if you could take a break from the obligations of social networking once in a while but still appear connected? Introducing Kit Kat Social Break, a widget that spares you the pressures of hitting the Like, Re-tweet or Share button every time you are tagged in a post. Simply turn on the widget, log into your social media accounts and tune out from the stress of social networking whenever you feel you need a break.

How it Works?

Download and install the Kit Kat Social Break desktop widget, for Windows and Mac OS X, to free you from the obligations that social media brings with it. To begin, go to Settings and log into the respective social media accounts. You may also set the frequency according to your preference. Once you’re done, turn on the widget and sit back to enjoy the following:

Facebook Auto Like
Automatically ‘Like’ photos and check-ins that you are tagged in by your friends. The Thumbs up button will let you keep the chore out of Facebook.

Twitter Auto Reply
Automatically ‘Reply’ to tweets with relevant responses that are chosen randomly.

LinkedIn Auto Share
Automatically ‘Share’ posts that your contacts on LinkedIn have shared. Now it is possible to seem intelligent without even lifting a finger.

Kitkat Break app will help you to manage some time from your busy life. Try this app and share your idea’s about it.

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