The HTC P4350

NEW offering from HTC, the P4350 runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional .

  • Running on Windows Mobile 6.0 it comes loaded with complete office suite
  • It is a Wi-Fi enabled device and connectivity options include Bluetooth and EDGE
  • It is a touchscreen phone with slide out QWERTY keypad
  • TPS is missing from this device

TECH Features

HTC is a brand known for innovations. First it was the Touch, which had a unique finger touch interface followed by the TyTN II with a keypad that could be tilted at 45-degree angle. After launching such devices, the next in line that has been recently launched in India is the P4350. Also known as the Herald, this phone has been in the international market for almost eight months now. So we are not expecting much from it in terms of innovation.
Just like other HTC handsets, even this one is a touchscreen and has a slide out QWERTY keypad. However it cannot be tilted at 45- degree angle.The only thing that impressed us in terms of its looks was its colour


The device is made up of black plastic with silver selection keys at the bottom of the 2.8- inch display.

Apart from this, a shortcut key for camera has been added on the top of the left panel, which is followed by a sliding volume key and miscroSD card slot. Two keys are added on the right panel as well. First being ‘Comm Manager’ for connectivity and the second keydirects one to speed dial on light press, and notes on a long press.This PDA can be operated using a stylus but for user’s convenience a QWERTY keypad has also beenadded. The keys are large and well spaced making it comfortable to use.

TECH Performance

We were glad to know that the P4350 runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. Thanks to HTC, even if they are launching this handset months after the international launch, they have managed to update the operating system from Windows Mobile 5.0 to 6.0. And just like other enterprise phones running on this OS, this one comes loaded with complete Office suite too. Apart from creating, editing and downloading documents we were able to view files in PDF format as well.

Even the Zip feature allowed us to unzip all files we received. GPRS settings were picked automatically and configuring e-mail accounts was simple. Even browsing the Web using Internet Explorer was a great experience and as this device is Wi-Fi enabled connectivity becomes a child’s play. We didn’t face much difficulty while using any of the functions but the speed of this device is utterly disappointing. As compared to the earlier phones like the TyTN II, it has 201MHz processor and is slow to operate. As soon as the keypad slides out, the display changes from horizontal to vertical position but this process consumes a lot of time and the phone becomes slow. Thankfully we were saved from the hassle of restarting the device.

Media Supports

Multimedia features like camera and music player are increasingly becoming popular in enterprise segment. For basic imaging needs, this device comes loaded with a 2.0- megapixel camera. It offers decent image quality but does not have the business card scanner feature. The sound quality is just about average and cannot compete with any of the music phones available in the market. After LG’s initiative of adding FM radio in its KS20, we wonder why other companies can’t add this feature to their phones. We were further disappointed to see the absence of GPS. Being a touchscreen phone, the battery drains at higher speed. We were impressed to see that a single charge lasted more than a day with an hour of calling and continuous e-mailing and the Web browsing.


Size | 109 x 59 x 17mm
Weight | 169 grams
Memory | 64MB, microSD
Battery | Li-Ion 1130mAh
Screen | 65,536 colours
Talktime/Standby | Up to 5
hours/ Up to 200 hours
Bluetooth/Infrared | Yes/No
Phonebook Capacity | Shared
Speakerphone | Yes
Camera | 2.0 megapixel
Frequency | GSM
Others | Windows Mobile 6.0

Price | Rs 21,900


BEST price

Priced at Rs 21,900 this phone seems to an expensive deal. Other phones are Sony Ericsson’s P1i with a 3.2-megapixel camera and semi QWERTY keypad (running on Symbian UIQ) for Rs 17,175 and HTC’s P3300 on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional, with GPS available for Rs 18,990

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