The New Updated Foursquare application for Android

Foursquare application for Android device received a new look that made it easier to navigate.A new update has just been applied to the Android application, which brings even more new features, as well as lots of redesigned screens.

Possibility to check-in to events that take place at specific locations,this is a new feature introduced with Foursquare for Android.The application also gets few visual upgrades and has a nicer look.Another good feature is the capability to view In-line image previews of your FourSquare friend list.

Other good features are:-

1. Now showing events attached to places

2. Photos in-line in Friend tab

3. Venue page redesign

4. Checkin details page redesign.

The check in button now appears at the top of the screen, making it just a click away from anywhere in the app. That widens the other tabs a bit and makes them easier to click.If you’re out at a movie, concert, or sporting event, you can check in and share exactly what you’re doing with Foursquare application.

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