Twitter Has Launched A New Feature “User Galleries”……

From Monday 29th-August all users will have galleries added to their profiles in Twitter.This feature will chronologically organize and display up to 100 most recent images in the user’s Tweets.Tweeter has added this new photo feature to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google+
Photos before January 1, 2010 will not be included in the galleries.Image galleries will appear on user profile pages. User gallery will open in the current window By just clicking “view all”.The images included come from photos you’ve uploaded from Twitter, yfrog, Twit Pic,  and other photo-sharing services supported by Twitter. 

There are two different views are available:-
1. Detail view:-This view will show you most recent images.

2. Grid view:-This view will display thumbnails of all the photos.

Your user gallery will show photos that come from tweets you’ve retweeted, but only if you’ve copied, pasted, and retweeted,If you just hit the retweet button on Twitter, the photo won’t show up in your stream.
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  1. Twitter should add the gallery feature earlier. A lot of my friends complaint about why twitter doesn’t provide any gallery feature just like facebook does. I will use more twitter from now on. nice 🙂

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