The Zite App Has Released Multiple Profile Option For Sharing iPads

Zite, the popular personalized news magazine for iPad, has just received a significant update. This new update includes the addition of multiple profiles. Code-named Sybil, the new feature makes it simple for anyone in a family to share Zite with each getting his or her own custom-made news experience.

Zite’s main feature is “learning” what the user wants to read about, and will customize articles and other content presented based on these learned preferences.Zite’s latest update also supports the following:

1. Source blocking – Users can now block content from unwanted sources

2. Native Twitter integration – With iOS 5?s native twitter integration, Zite will no longer ask for Twitter credentials a new

3. Performance enhancements – Zite is now faster, and speed improvements are more noticeable with the first-generation iPad.

Zite found in a survey of  more than 330 iPad users that one-third share their iPads with a group of people. We’ve seen similar evidence that iPads are shared devices, with one study finding that even users living alone share their Apple tablets with other family members. Zite found that of those who share their devices, two-thirds share with one other individual, while a quarter share it with two others.

Other recent improvements made by the Zite team include the ability to block specific sources entirely to no longer see their articles, as well as Twitter integration for iOS 5 devices, which allows you to automatically link Zite to your Twitter account. With the addition of Sybil, Zite is definitely making a strong play for the personalized news app crown.

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