Tips to Increase Facebook Account Security

There is a news flew around web that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has fallen victim to a security glitch in the social networking site which allowed hackers to steal his own personal photographs. He posts 14 pictures of the 27-year-old billionaire on an image sharing site.

If hackers or evil minds can control Facebook data of its mighty founder then why not they hack yours?

To protect yourself from these instance you have to double check your Facebook account security now, plus follow these tricks to improve account security.

1. Enable  Full HTTPS Browsing:

Enabling HTTPS (Secure Hyper text Transfer Protocol or Secure-HTTP) into your Facebook account makes your connection to send and receive data in encrypted form. Its difficult to decode this connection in between the way.

You can simply enable HTTPS connection in your account. Go to the security settings and check “browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” and save settings. Next time when you open Facebook it will open in HTTPS mode.

2. Remote Logout:

Have you ever used Facebook on one of your family member’s computer or in a cybercafé and forgot whether or not you logged out of Facebook?

Simply go to the security page under your account settings. There you’ll see a list of “active sessions,” each one of which you can end immediately.

3. Email Verification:

You may also enable the option of an e-mail or message being sent to you for verification if a new device is used to logon to your account. The option is a part of Account Settings page.

Each time your account accessed from a different device Facebook requires to name that device and send an email and SMS to you. If you are not logged into your account then check immediately to remote logout all sessions and change password.

4. Request One Time Password:

Facebook has a facility to send you an one time password to open your account. Facebook will send you a temporary password on your registered phone number and this password is valid for 20 minutes. If you’re going to be using a public computer and want to be sure that that computer doesn’t store your login information use this method.

Simply send a text message saying “opt” to 32665.

5. Guardian Angels:

Do you forgot your Facebook password? You can simply gain access by sending an link to your email account. But what to do when you also lost access to your email account?

Here is a solution to this problem too. Facebook will allow you to select up to five friends so that they can help you login to your Facebook account if you forget your password and don’t have access to your email. You can simply call one of your “trusted friends” and he or she will tell you the code necessary to log into your account.

Apart from these steps you have to ask some questions yourself. Think carefully about who you allow to become your friend, some people became your friend just to know some information about yourself and uses this data to crack your Facebook password.

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