Tips to Increase Kindle Fire Browser Speed

We all love Amazon Kindle Fire tablet as it is feature rich, high performance yet low priced. Browsing experience on Kindle Fire is pretty but the main problem is it’s low speed. But we found an amazing and easy trick to make it faster. The main reasons behind slow internet speed on Kindle Fire’s Silk browser is its pre-configurations. These configurations are actually  not vary compatible with this 7 inch tablet.

By default the Silk browser is set to ‘Desktop’ mode. This mode overload browser with some useless or less-used settings like Adobe Flash is enabled by default.

Trick To Increase Kindle Silk Browser Speed:

To increase your Kindle Fire browser fast enough you need to do these changes.

  • Change browser to ‘Mobile’ mode.
  • Disable Adobe Flash (at least when flash is not in use)
  • Disable page accelerate feature.
  • Disable plug-ins when at low speed connectivity

These small changes can make your browser fast and take less  time to render a webpage or e-books. Don’t worry about disabling Adobe Flash because you can still watch YouTube video without any hazel. Setting ‘Mobile’ mode helps you to open mobile versions of many websites by default. Which are fast enough to browse on small screen devices and low connectivity.

These are some tricks I found useful for my Kindle Fire. Share your tricks to make Kindle Fire’s Silk browser fast using comment form.

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