Top 10 Android Apps to Speedup your productivity

Now a days the open source Platform Android is making quite a buzz in market with launch with stylist gadgets, The only thing it lacks is a store like iTune which gives us a quick and smart way to search apps suitable for us. We have already discussed the  How to efficiently find Applications for Your Android Phone where you can easily find application for your Android mobile. Here we are listing some popular android application for your android mobile which you must have installed on your mobile.

1. Locale :-

Locale is the smart application which works with the Android GPS capability to make sure that your mobile is in the preferred mode when you are in office or home.  its not just a setting with GPS that set your android profile so that you don’t have to face embarrassment  at office, you can forward call or send twitter MSG to people letting know where you are if you are not picking up the phone. so GO with It.

2. Moov:

It can be said and advanced browser for your android mobile. Moov wraps up most of your search needs all in one place, so you can toggle quickly between your phone’s contacts, Google, Facebook, Yelp, Wikipedia, Netflix, and Dial Zero. you just have to type some of the letter of your searches and move have all the suggestion for you quickly.

3. cab4me:-

Yeah that’s right it works the way it has been named. This android application let the user get information and call a cab nearest to him using the Android’s Google Maps application. It also provides you details for the can company and also you can call directly from the map by just a click. Its amazing application for Business people and frequent travelers.

4. TuneWiki :-

This android application tunewiki will let you browse music, listen and share with each other its a music based social network for people more than listening music. It also has a feature that tells you about the users around you and what they are listening based on their geographical position via Google maps. you can download lyrics for songs and also have  virtual library for songs.

5. PicSay :-

An award winning  Android application Picsay, it work to make the picture live by adding them to the text, effects to express more. This application for Google android is best one to edit the pictures in mobile. You can make fun of your friends by decorating their pictures with hair, glasses, beards and other stickers.

6. Softrace :-

This application for android mobile is basically a GPS based racing application for outdoor sports. By suing this application you will be able to setting and playing real racing ,live and tracking each of them when the race is going on. You can use this application on any type of racing like by foot, motorcycle and car race.

7. Quickpedia:

This is by far the best Androidized Wikipedia application I’ve seen. Navigating and reading through the Wikipedia entries are simple thanks to Quickpedia’s clean user interface, search suggestions, and GPS-informed searches for adventurous information-seekers. Get a close-up in this First Look video.

8. Ringdroid:

The best android application  for recording and editing sounds, and creating ring-tones, directly on the handset. Ringdroid is a type of  Android application whic enhance the functionality of your phone making it similar to today’s computers. you can record your own sounds and make them ring-tones or make from the songs you have in your phone.

9. Wertago :-

A type of social networking android application which lets you know where your people hangout, where your friends are partying and what pubs or restaurant are popular in particular area. This Android applications, Wertago uses Google Maps API to map out different clubs, restaurants and theaters

10. Dial Zero:

By using this application on android platform let you call over 600 companies service numbers and you can directly skip to a person. Dial Zero is useful, fast, and simple. Learn tips from other users who share how they got what they wanted from these companies.

If you have any application that you may want to be listed here or any application you may be using and want to discuss about please make use of Comment box.

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