Top 10 Google services :The Google redefined

Google is like a nice  virus which is spreading everywhere day by day. I am complimenting
Google by a virus because Google resides in our mind by its daily updating new services and
we get effected very deeply.We love to use Google everywhere on internet ,even we can’t imagine internet without Google.
Although there are more than 70 services Google is running
right now. It is very difficult to choose the top 10 amongst them.

Our Techmadly research team got noticed some very fine services of Google after
testing it.Here is the list:


Google search Google search is the most demanding search engine in the world.It can be understand by the fact that in a competition with Google , a very reputated company Microsoft tried to buy, another giant from a search engine. It is the well known fact that “Google is everywhere”.Google crawlers are very famous amongst us because they crawl the data inside the website and add it to the servers of Google.


Gmail: The another incredible service by Google, the failure of a service for sometimes becomes the headline of leading newspapers and websites, a well connected servers always monitors all the activities happening inside the mail process. The beauty of Gmail resides in its Gmail lab applications which are wonderful to use.

469px-Picasa-Logo.svg (1)

Picasa: Named after great painter Picaso. Offers you some very unique and innovative features.You can edit any picture,make collages,view in different effects, open picture in a slide mode,after editing the picture you can directly embed the image inside your blog.


Blogger: Designed by Google top designer “Doug Bowman”, offers you a free space and domain name to make your blog,you can make your own blog,edit templates,increase widget ,optimize for search engines and grow your business by making an entry in this. This is the World’s most famous blog service in the world.


Google image search is a very nice service from Google ,as you can search any image on the web with the help of it. You can look your own image while uploading it into Picasa. It is a heavy traffic site as people find important pictures on this search engine.


Orkut :A social networking website from Google ,which offers you to grow your network and some unique way.You can search your friends,add them in your friend list,send them messages,make them a fan ,choose a theme,use some unique applications to make Orkut more interesting.


Google Labs always try to give you something new, in google lab a lots of experiment goes on and the result are very interesting. There are lots of services comes under this one like:

Picasa for Mac,Picasa for Linux,Google moderator,in quotes,Google audio indexing,google talk,lab edition,experimental search,google code search,accessible search,google extension for firefox, google trends,google mars,google creator etc.


Google news: Another fast service by Google, it gives the latest news search result . The result comes from very good websites and the service is so frequent such that you can find news with different categories.


Youtube: The most talk about service of google. Anyone can fascinate by the service as the movie companies feel proud to put the movie trailer first in the website to make promotion.You can fetch your own video in the youtube to promote it. You can make different channel to promote your product and you can search any video of your use.


Google AdSense Every blogger needs this service to generate a revenue and profit from his website. Ads are the onLy source of income for the websites and you can find it very difficultly. Google AdSense is a service that provide an ad for your service and gives you a nice part of the income generated by Ads.

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