Circulets: the game for families, friends and parties(Android and iOS)


Circulets is the newest two-player game from India-based Hashstash Studios. The game is now available for both iOS and Android. Circulets is a game that pits two players against each other on the same device on a fun trip to collect as many tiny colored circles – circulets, as the other player will let you. You have to work your way against the other player and ensure that you end up on the top.

Microsoft’s “Switch to Windows Phone” app for Android smartphones


Microsoft figures customers will be more likely to switch from Android smartphones to Windows 8 phones if it makes it easier to find the same or similar apps for their new phone as were on their old phones. So Microsoft is planning to launch an application called “Switch to Windows Phone” for the Android platform. The app is expected to ease any app availability concerns of users who consider switching from Android platform to Windows Phone.

Twitter Releases Video-Sharing App Vine


Twitter released a new application video sharing for quick video sharing, Twitter on Thursday officially launched this  mobile service called “Vine”, Vine lets users easily capture and share short looping videos with a few swipes of your finger on a smartphone. “Vine” was a purchase rather than something homegrown, and sits mostly on its own. Twitter acquired Vine lat last year.

Must Have Cell Phone Accessories


Many Cell phone users buy accessories to make their devices stylish but most people buy a phone accessory that solves the specific purpose. For me I like my phone raw and simple but when it comes to work I need at least 3 phone accessories I can’t simple live without those are , Bluetooth, extra battery and my car charger kit. Today the smartphone market is filled with variety of phone accessories that you might want useful for you work, life or just for your phone. Take a look at the mostly used phone accessories now a days.

How good are mobile phones for listening to music compared with MP3 players?


Even the less expensive mobile phone models on the market these days provide their users with a serious array of different functions, aside from the basic ones of calling and texting. In 2012 people expect to be able to use these devices for much more than these things, including taking photographs, filming, playing games and listening to music. However, given that mobile phones offer so much variety of usage, it is perhaps inevitable that not all models excel in every one of these functions; in fact generally most models offer better quality in some areas than in other ones.

Thus the phone model that you opt for as a consumer is generally determined by what functions of the phone are most important to you, and this includes those for whom being able to listen to music playback with a top level sound quality ranks as one of the most important things that they want from their mobile