Windows Live Movie Maker

Do you like to make slide show of photographs or movie with mixing video and snaps ? then there is a update for you. Microsoft windows has updated many times its free movie maker program which is installed by default when you install Microsoft Xp or Vista and now in that series updating the software they have come up with Windows Live Movie Maker 1.0, which is the latest edition of movie maker with a nice look and easy to use platform then prev, it does convert your pics and videos

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Youtube new module:Spotlight,promoted and featured video

untitled3Youtube make a recent change in its website .Youtube renamed a module on the
homepage ,watch page and search result page to discover the video on youtube in
different ways.It categorise it in three different format.These format are:

1) Spotlight Videos: In this section youtube will highlight videos according to
the demand of people videos that contain information, inspire, and entertain.
According to youtube “We think “Spotlight Videos” is an appropriate moniker
for this section, and soon we are going to take a more thematic approach to

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Facebook integreation with tweetdeck (v0.24b )

@tweetdeck is adding really cool functionality in new version of tweetdeck v0.24b which is inteagration of facebook on tweetdeck . Till now there was no such software that update the facebook  status online.

after installing the new version you have to go through two steps

Firstly you can click on the Facebook icon at the top and, once you have signed into Facebook and given TweetDeck authorisation, this will add a new column full of each of your friends most recent status

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download updates for your GPS device

If you have a GPS device and still you lost your ways means your gps device needs to be updated  and if  it is not udates then it is none of use , for answer to your updates TomTom, the GPS manufacturer, has a new idea to keep you going in the right direction. In an industry first, the company is now offering an online downloadable map update service for its navigation devices.

You accomplish the upgrade by signing up for the service, installing special TomTom Home software on your Apple (AAPL Quote – Cramer on AAPL – Stock Picks) Macintosh or Microsoft (MSFT Quote – Cramer on MSFT – Stock Picks) Windows computer and connecting your GPS box to

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2G Bluetooth chip to be unlocked in ipod touch by OS 3.0

Now you can use bluetooth in ipod touch this is being unlocked as Apple previewed its highly anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 for both iPhone and iPod touch users which we covered here. What’s interesting, however, is the change that will be made for iPod Touch 2G users on the hardware side of things.

During the OS 3.0 Q&A session, Apple’s Greg Joswiak said that Bluetooth can be “unlocked” on the device. The 2G device currently sports an inactive Broadcom BCM4325 Bluetooth chip which is capable of single-band 2.4GHz

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Arc soft webcam companion 3.0 (download)

arcsoft webcam

You have heard about which gives you online optimization and funny. here is a software that works integrated with your web cam and give you facility to perform many task such as funny image making.

It offers a broad range of applications designed and optimized for your webcam. Whether you want to capture photos, record videos, or edit captured files, it can be done with just a few clicks! Built-in with ArcSoft’s most-advanced video enhancement technologies such as Noise Reduction and

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Metaplace:Met A Place


Metaplace is a software platform to the development of virtual worlds.The platform is developed by Areae (now officially changed to Metaplace Inc.), the company established by Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies designer Raph Koster. According to the official website, virtual worlds developed on Metaplace can be accessed using any device that connects to the Web.

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Safari 4 Public Beta: See the web in a new way

Apple on Tuesday announced the release of a public beta Safari 4, promising a much faster browser with improved navigation and searching.
Apple launches According to Apple the latest edition of Apple’s browser for both Mac OS X and Windows will run JavaScript commands 4.2 times faster than Safari 3, company also claims better JavaScript and HTML page loading than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla’s FireFox 3. Apple also added the Cover Flow interface to scroll backwards through browsing history as if they were flipping through album covers, and what appears to be Apple’s own implementation of FireFox’s Smart Location “awesome bar” called Smart Address Field.
Also adding to this Apple senior director for system software Brian Croll said about his new JavaScript engine called Nitro that results in the improved performance.
He said Safari 4’s support for Web standards like HTML 5, which allows Web applications to work while offline, and CSS 3 for adding graphical effects. Safari 4 has passed the Acid3 test developed by the Web Standards Project, while FireFox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 have yet to do so reported by him.
For downloading the Beta version click on the link given SAFARI 4 DOWNLOAD