How To Use Remote Desktop Connections– Tips & Tricks


Web Development Toronto company reports If you are a It professional or in a company  that has an internal network, you  need to use the remote desktop connection several times , here are some tips and tricks for remote desktop connections .

Remote Desktop connects two computers over a network or the Internet. Once connected, you’ll see the remote computer’s desktop as if you were sitting right in front of it, and have access to all its programs and files.

Microsoft’s “Switch to Windows Phone” app for Android smartphones


Microsoft figures customers will be more likely to switch from Android smartphones to Windows 8 phones if it makes it easier to find the same or similar apps for their new phone as were on their old phones. So Microsoft is planning to launch an application called “Switch to Windows Phone” for the Android platform. The app is expected to ease any app availability concerns of users who consider switching from Android platform to Windows Phone.

How To Use Windows 8 Themes with Previous Versions of Windows


If you want to use eye catching  windows 8 themes with previous versions of windows, so here is how. The theme directory at official windows site  hosts some beautiful themes for your Windows desktop. There are lots of themes , but some newer themes are however compatible only with Windows 8 machines, like these dual-screen panoramic images.

Manage your recruitment process effectively through highly advanced ATS


Efficient and highly productive recruitment and hiring in any organization requires exceptional organizational skills in that company’s HR manager. With the inflow of resumes and an email inbox choked with SSC job applications sorting out all the received resumes, keeping track of all the eligible applicants, and focusing on and reaching the most suitable candidate can be a daunting task for a recruiter.