statpress wordpress plugin Counting your stat Smartly

Analyzing your visits and the way your visitors turn your pages are very important for any blogger who want to make their blog visitor friendly or to improve page views and to reduce bounce rate so to keep an eye on this you need to have a tool which reports you the accurate data and many more option for better analysis . If we are talking about wordpress it has plenty of option due to Plugins. There are many plugins for viewing and analyzing statistics of

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How to Backup and Restore your WordPress Blog by simple plugins

I am writting this post because just a few days ago when i shifted my hosting sever one of my blog got deleted or it was not transfered correctly the reason was not clear then the only option for me was to restore my wordpress blog from backup thank to wordpress db backup plugin i have the backup in sql format .

now the thing was to restore i have googled for restoring but every one was telling to restore by going to hosting account then configuring php my admin and sql that was totally unknown for me . the wp-db backup pluging has an advantage that it backs up your wordpress blog but it does not have nay option to restore them.

next i found a plugin WP-DBManager

this plugin has the advantage of both backing up and restoring up your wordpress blog . let us see how to back up and

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WordPress plugin for change in permalink with 100% redirection

every one wants his blog to be SEO otimized but many changes are required in doing seo optimization many tips and trick i got when i attended wordcamp india 2009 by various great bloggers and one of them was  changing in your permalink structure to make it SEO friendly.

We have already discussed about plugins in wordpress like wp-thumbnail post layout, auto social.

but the default permalink structure in wordpress is something like

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How to submit your post automatically to social bookmarking website (Techmad tips #16)

In Wordcamp India 09 I learnt a blogging tip that if content is King then its marketing is Queen,For generation of user traffic no. of post are  important, but the most important thing is marketing of your blog. For marketing different social bookmarking websites like Digg, ,stumbleupon and many more are available.

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