Translate your documents to 42 languages with Google doc

While very popular for sharing the document and editing it where you want the google docs trying to addup as much facility for its users now google added online translation of the whole documents in 42 diffrent languages and this become a great feature for google You can replace the original document with the translation or make a new translated version.

this new feature comes under the setting menu and it has smart feature to recognize in which language the original document is written and when you click on any selected language to translate then it opens the translated verson of that in new window which allowes you to compare and contrast the two side by side, more easily checking whether the translation has bungled any words or phrasing.


here is a example what i tried while checking it out i written a text in english and then translated it to hindi.this can be very handy if you are sending the same mail,doc or things to various person of which some dont know your langugaue.



And also in Gmail users can translate entire messages into one of Google Translate’s supported languages; however, this feature must first be enabled in Gmail’s Labs settings menu.

as google said they are woking to make it better “All the formatting and layout is preserved no matter what language it’s in — translations aren’t perfect, but we are continuously working on improving translation quality over time.”

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