Trillian 3 a full email client

have you used any multi email and chat client like digsby which is a full solution for IM ,email plus your social networks solution i was used to digsby until i  find Trillian astra. i used Digsby but it some time become too heavy that i ran out of program memory (hang up) having 2gb ram. Trillian is a lite solution for the same kinda work if you are managing email,im and social networks then trillion may be your life saver because it is far better to open a gtalk,skype,twitter client same running at same time than having a concise solution for that.


trilion is in we from last 3 years but the launch of new trillian astra which replaced the trillian 3 is a quite nice move by cerulean studio. the diffrences between the prev and new browsewr are given by cnet as “The differences between the two versions are enumerated here; the short of it is that the extras are nice–but they’re merely extras. You’ll still get the improved performance, and support for mainstream services like Yahoo, AOL, Google, and ICQ. MySpaceIM is supported, and Skype is included, but it requires the program to be running before it can be accessed through Astra–just as Skype does with other multichat applications. It includes POP3 and IMAP account notifications rolled in alongside the Facebook and Web mail notices.”

in first installtion this comes up with two skins

1.trillian cobalt:Companion to the default skin. Clean and simple window optimized for performance. Works well with the new features in Trillian Astra.

2.trillion cordonata:Light in a fog through the looking glass. Fits best with official designs and plugins. Unique and simple interface allows you connect with your friends with fun and style.


this softare supports mac and windows both and also available for iphone .for support and how to question you can go to their support forum

Download :link

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  1. I dunno the case with you, but Digsby has really sorted out it’s memory problems since long. It no longer leaks memory over time, and neither does it exceed 60-70k memory use on my laptop. I use Digsby for 4 IM and 6 email accounts, so that’s quite an impressive performance.

    That said, Trillian Astra is a really nice IM client, though I found it a bit cluttered. It also doesn’t decentralize email and IM accounts like Digsby, so that’s a big turn-off for me.
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    • @ashutosh it may be but on my laptop it go on increasing the memory depending upon how many mail account i add and it does hangup when 4 or 5 notification comes together but trillian is doing good in this manner.
      and about trillian when its is updated to astra it does have some cool features may be it take some time to be nearly perfect but i use it due to its leeser memory cunsumption.

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