Trouble with twitter : An ultimate twitter discussion

People going mad day by day,they spend there whole time in twittering things and promoting their product. Twitter is everywhere ,even twitter button is added in YouTube also. This is a video, in which there are two person sitting in an office opposite to each other,one is silently working on his PC  and another is murmuring something like “i came to my workplace, anyone know about, anyone know any good apps for my iPhone”.

When a second person asked about the activity of other,the first one reply”i am twittering”. But alas! second person dont have any idea about twitter and he makes his colleague surprised.

Then after a magic happens, two friend fly very high to enter into a twitter world where every persons tweeting about various topics. And the most fascinating part was “A Twitter bird” . According to twitter bird ”Twitter is a magical world in which you you can tell people what you are doing or thinking all the time”.

But there is something wrong . A comment made by a twitter learner “None of you has any friend” brings a wave in the environment and everything changes. A big whale enter inside the scene and start eating every one because in Twitter Failwhale

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is an indication of network disconnection.

Overall its a very nice discussion video. A must watch video for every Tweeterers. Enjoy it!


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