Try Google Public DNS for Faster Web Access

MightyFunnyWe determine the speed of our Internet connection as the time it takes to open a page when you enter the URL in address bar, but the loading of a page depends on the page content and also the number of DNS lookups it has to perform for opening a page. For complex websites this number become larger so the site loads in a long time. So for a large extent the DNS decides the loading speed of a webpage.

The client-side of the DNS is called a DNS resolver. It is responsible for initiating and sequencing the queries that ultimately lead to a full resolution (translation) of the resource sought, e.g., translation of a domain name into an IP address.

Domain_name_space_DNSsource: wiki

Now the main for writing this post is Google Public DNS which will serve as an alternate option for your DNS resolving query as on the googleblog the mentioned that for ” ongoing effort to make the web faster, we’re launching our own public DNS resolver called Google Public DNS, and we invite you to try it out.

if you want :

  • Speed up your browsing experience.
  • Improve your security.
  • Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.
  • then Google Public DNS is the best option for you. if you wnat to try this out you just have to do some changes in your network setting to use IP addresses and as your DNS servers. if you not able to do it you can take help of these manuals for how to configure your network settings windows, Mac and linux .

    Configuring your network settings to use Google Public DNS

    so give It a try and lets see how it works .Lets see how google changing the Internet world share your experince with us …

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