Tunesque:Easiest Way To Search iTunes

Tunesque,a free app for Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” that lets you search the iTunes Store for music, movies, apps, and audiobooks without having to launch either the iTunes or the Apple App Store.The results are shown in a format that includes title, author and up-to-date pricing information in the local currency of the iTunes Store selected by the user.Tunesque automatically detects the user’s default iTunes store location when first launched.

Tunesque lives in your Mac’s menubar: click the icon, and start typing to finds apps, music, movies, and books across all stores and “app stores” .If you feel Tunesque’s search is too broad, simply open the Preferences and define what categories you want to search for — you can check them all or just a few.

Once you enter a search term, let’s say OmniFocus, you can arrow down through the results  and a hovercard will pop out to the side giving you the app’s description – this is a nice feature.Tunesque is available in 2 color schemes, light and dark.

Tunesque runs in the background, ready to be called into action. It sports a Spotlight-inspired interface that automatically displays results that include music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, e-books, as well as iOS and OS X apps.Tunesque is available from the app’s website and it is free of cost.

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