Tweephone:Now You Can Post Your Tweet To Twitter From A Rotary Phone

Tweephone is a new science project, with the help of this project you will be able to dial your tweet to twitter from a rotary phone.This interesting project is the joint venture of two digital firms.UP Digital creates this idea and the Unteleported Tech bring this into life.With this service anyone can post to twitter from their old phone.Tweephone is a first analogue twitter client.

The text dialing concept is as similar as you can find in your outdated mobile phones.If you want to type “a” then you have to dial “2” once,and if you want to dial “f” you have to dial “3” for three times.To send the Tweet after dialing you just have to hang up the phone.Then all the tweets which have dialled on the Tweephone will be posted on the twitter account.Posting your tweets by this manner is really awesome and takes very short time.

If you think that the 140 character limit is not enough for you to express your thoughts then you should be use this tweephone.The main reason behind the tweeted data to be same is that rotary phones uses the same technology as cell phones.Tweephone also provides the display of your tweets you write them in.

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