Twitter Brings Keyboard Shortcuts for Easy Navigation

Twitter, micro blogging tool brings new set of keyboard shortcut keys to navigate through the site. Keyboard shortcuts are not a new thing as Gmail, Google Reader, or any good webapp these days with keyboard shortcuts, the only shortcut you ever really need to remember is ‘?’ (the question mark). Using these set of keys now tweeting is a more fun thing. With these key users can now retweet a tweet, Reply, Direct message, create new tweet, search twitter, send and view messages and lots more.

Here is a list of all Twitter Keyboard shortcuts:


  • F – Favorite
  • R – Reply
  • N – New Tweet
  • T – Retweet
  • M – Direct message
  • [Enter] – Open Tweet details
  • L – Close all open Tweets


  • ? – This Menu
  • . – For loading new tweets
  • / – Search
  • [Spacebar] – Page Down
  • J – Next Tweet
  • K – Previous Tweet

Home Timeline:

  • G H- Home
  • G D- Discover
  • G C- Connect
  • G P- Profile
  • G M- Messages
  • G F- Favorites
  • G R- Mentions
  • G U- Go to user

These new keyboard shortcuts will be available soon on every Twitter users. If you don’t use yet wait for your turn.

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  1. Hey Pushpendra,

    A very useful piece of information. It is a hard task to use the touch pad on a laptop, keyboard shortcuts will help us tweet fast without any fuss. Thanks!!!

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