Twitter Raises $35 Million From Venture Investors

Venture-capital investors have poured an additional $35 million into Twitter Inc., an Internet service that enables users to spontaneously post brief messages online.

Benchmark Capital and Institutional Venture Partners led the financing round, which comes as Twitter, of San Francisco, has yet to unveil how it plans to make money off the popular “micro-blogging” .

On Twitter, the service that lets you keep the world abreast of your doings in 140 characters or less, “you post a thought and you never know who is going to jump in and join that conversation with you,” says Mooney. “You sort of forget that it’s a really, really public form of [instant messaging].” She’s reviewed the new movie “Wanted,” shared a dream about standing in line to buy the new iPhone and sent out links to new sites she has found interesting.

For Mooney and the million-odd microbloggers out there, no thought, however trivial, goes undigitized. First there was Facebook—where members are able to share instant thoughts or whereabouts with their social network by writing a pithy “status update” (Example: Brian is writing a story about microblogging).

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