Twitter search is coming, named as “Discovery Engine”

Twitter officially announced on its blog about a twitter search engine  “” Discovery Engine”.In the redesigning concept, the search box has moved to the right sidebar of the interface, The most vibrant feature is a real time search which will definitely going to give Twitter a new height.

The Concept

According to Twitter “By default, the tweets you see on your home page are from sources of information that you have curated over time—in other words, the accounts you chose to follow. When you search, you’re asking for any tweets that contain the word or phrase you’re interested in right now.”

twitter search

According to a given image, when you search for apple,the results will show all the real time tweet related to Apple.

You can also save the search permanently in your sidebar for easy access.

This feature is not available everywhere but because Twitter is testing it for feedbacks and soon it will be available for everyone.

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