Understanding wordpress files:Tute for beginners step by step

Some operation in wordpress can not be directly performed or if you have any problem with your installtion then you should know about the files in your self hosted wordpress blogs . actually when i started blogging i even dont know about the public_html folder and files inside it so i asked my seniors . now a beginner dont know about the file distribiution and which folder is use for what  so i am explaining the file distribution in cotrol panel

there are two folders on your site that is used for public access




public_ftp is used for the incoming files by your anonymous ftp account

and public_html is the flder which is used to basically to show your page :means your webpage most of information is stored here

now entering in your public_html folder you will find many folders but

three of them contains approx total information of your wordpress





wp-admin stores your administrative information like username passwords and many more important data so dont mess with this

wp-includes store mainly the backend of wordpress containing all dashboard files.

the most usable folder is wp-contents which store information which is customized like themes,plugins,upgrades and uploads( images and media).

Now the Wp-content folder have subfolders in  which the importans  include





the folder plugins include your installed plugin and if you want to install any plugin manually you have to extract the plugin folder and upload the plugin folder to this folder and automatically the plugin will be in your dashboard.

the folder themes contain all the themes you have installed the one you are using and also the others you are not using but prev installed. here also you can just upload any theme folder from your pc and this will show in dashboard under appearance tab.

the folder uploads contains all files that you upload while writing your post like images, video or any file  you can access them directly here for bulk downloading all.

if you have any query or problem relating to these you can ask me or use our contact us  form.

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