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Upgrade Your Smartphone to Android 4.0

Android 4.0, code named as Ice Cream Sandwich, has all new interface overhaul from its predecessor Android 3.0.  Instead of hardware buttons, it now has virtual Android buttons for menu, back and home to ensure larger display area. You can unlock phone using face recognition technology, use Nokia’s NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and built-in photo editing software.

Checking update for your Android version:

If you want to know that is any update available for your phone or not, you can manually check for Android updates. Do this by pressing the “Home” key, then the “Menu” button and go to the “Settings” option. In settings, you’ll see the option “About phone” near the bottom. From there, select “System updates” and your phone will look for any new Android updates to download and install.

Requirements to Upgrade:

To use above listed features you have to upgrade your smartphone OS to Android 4.0. Users of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) version can only  upgrade their phone OS to Ice Cream Sandwich. Here is a precise list of phones that has Gingerbread and should be upgraded:
HTC Phones: Amaze 4G, Droid Incredible, Droid Incredible 2, EVO 3D, EVO Shift 4G, G2, Inspire 4G (maybe), Sensation 4G, ThunderBolt.
Motorola Phones: Atrix 4G, Atrix 2, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, Droid RAZR, Droid X2.
Samsung Phones: Galaxy Nexus (out of the box), Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch, Infuse 4G, Nexus S
LG G2x,
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and other smartphone which has Gingerbread and not listed in this list.

Next Step: Wait till official release available for your Phone

If your phone lies in the list above then its great for you. sooner or later you’ll get an over the air update to Android 4. That’s because Android phones have the benefit of having their updates done automatically. Your phone will automatically download latest version of Android OS, automatic updates are basic feature of Android. All you will need to do it confirm the installation and let it go. Once installed, you can confirm by going to your phone’s device information screen to see that the latest version of Android is now on the phone.

Before starting installation process it’s always a good idea to back up your phone first, just in case, and to plug in your phone via USB or AC adapter during the upgrade. The last thing anyone wants is for their update to go bad because the phone battery died.

By Rooting your Device:

If you want to use Android 4.0 before it officially launch for your device, you have to root your phone. After Rooting phone you can download custom ROM of Android 4. Now install this ROM and upgrade OS to Android 4.0. (Rooting smartphone may break their warranty and also can harm your phone).

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