Use Dropbox to Start Downloading Torrents Remotely

Dropbox is the leader in private as well as public file storage service over cloud. We use Dropbox to store documents, music, images in the cloud and access them from personal computer and mobile devices from any where any time. We can use Dropbox as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to host media files, CSS and jQuery etc. Apart from these storage uses there is an unique use of this service we can use in our daily life.

We can use Dropbox as a remote system to start downloading torrent files on another system. Suppose you are in office and want a movie to watch at home, but it takes time to complete a Blue Ray Rip to complete download even on hi-speed broadband connection. Here Dropbox may help you to start downloading torrent on your Home PC remotly so that they’re ready upon your arrival home.

Here’s a sort tutorial to set up BitTorrent Remote downloading using Dropbox:

  • Open your favourite BitTorrent client and go to Preferences >> Directories.
  • Check the box next to “Automatically load torrents from”.
  • Now browse to select your Dropbox folder in the path and save the changes.

That’s it. So when you need to download something from torrent, simply upload torrent file in your office Dropbox folder. It gets synchronized over cloud servers and then on your home computer. When a file is been added in Dropbox folder it will start download in BitTorrent client.

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