You all have heard about vehicle tracking system. But do you know how it exactly works? Vehicle are tracked with thehelp of devices and you can check it on a your computer. Even you can exactly look the position of a vehicle time to time on a map. Yes this is a technological revolution, and now it is available in India also at a very low cost. But awareness of the technology among peoples is very less,even most of us never heard about this kind of technology. So, what you have to use this technology is having one GPS device,which can either be your GPS enabled mobile phone or other devices available in a market at a marginally low cost. Starting at Rs.3000. How it works? This technology works on GPS navigation system. A signal is recieved by a GPS device or GPS reciever and the calculation is made. By solving 3 equation of circle,this device calculate the exact latitude and longitude of a device. After calculating the position this device sends a signal to the nearest BTS with the help of sim card inserted in a device. This signal is transmitted to the server and any user who is authenticated to see the location can easily track the person who is associated with the GPS reciever.

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