View Real-time AdSense Earnings With AdSense Publisher Toolbar

Google always work for innovating new technologies that help its users to use advanced tools and services, save time, and better understand account performance. Google serves the best advertising network in the industry, as AdSense. It is the basic and only earning source for millions of web publishers. To give them easy access and real-time monitoring Google created a new Google Chrome browser extension called the AdSense Publisher Toolbar.

When viewing your website, this extension will show you a snapshot of your AdSense account performance as a widget in the corner of your browser window. It also includes ad overlays that describe the recent performance of specific ad units, and gives you the option to access AdSense directly. There are two ways to access your AdSense stats; 1) Pop-up account overview and 2) In-site ad overlay.

Pop-up account overview lets you view the following at a glance:

  • Account earnings summary (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
  • Top 5 custom channels
  • Top 5 URL channels
  • Lifetime revenue

In-site ad overlay gives you the following options right in your site:

  • Instant summary of each ad unit’s earnings (today, yesterday, last 7 days)
  • Links to go straight to your AdSense account

To start using this new toolbar you have to install AdSense Publisher Toolbar extension in your Google Chrome browser. This extension will only available to Chrome users only. Follow these steps to start with:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store from your Chrome browser and download the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. This will add the toolbar icon to your browser.
  2. You’ll then need to grant the toolbar access to your AdSense account. To do so, click the toolbar icon and then sign in to Google Accounts with your AdSense login and password.
  3. Next, visit a website where you’ve implemented your ad code, and enable the toolbar by clicking on the toolbar icon again.

After successful following above steps the AdSense account overview widget will appear and show you an earnings summary, broken down by recent and all time performance as well as your top channels.

You can also enable ad overlays directly on top of your ad units, which will tell you how a particular ad unit has performed today, yesterday and in the past seven days. Clicking on the ad overlay will bring you to the “My ads” tab in your account, where you can edit this ad unit.

Don’t worry in you click your on ad overlay generated by the toolbar; because doing this won’t create invalid clicks.

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