Visa Has Launched New Credit Card With Its Own LCD

Visa has launched a new credit card with 48×8 pixel LCD display panel on the backside. This display panel is situated just above your signature area.This type of card basically called as CodeSure Matrix Display Card.The main purpose of making this type of card is to control online shopping fraud.This CodeSure Matrix Display card can also be used as a regular Visa debit or credit card.

Every card is identical in shape and size and has a numeric keypad with 12 button, also a display panel which runs by a battery.Users first have to input their PIN each time when they make any online transaction.Then the card will display a security code,this perticular code must be entered in to the website for the online transaction.If the Visa’s servers authorised that security code then the purchase will approve otherwise not.

This type of security via card will surely encourage users for shopping over the internet.Online shopping market is growing very fast but the consumers are still worried related to security of their transaction,this type of scheme will decrease those fears and give more confidence to the users for shopping online.With the help of this card people can use the services like eBanking,telephone banking and third party services.

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