Watch location and tweets of your twitter friends via My Tweet Map

Twitter is an awesome tool for marketing,you make friends and try to promote your product by doing tweets,the main agenda behind tweet is to target a particular audience who need your product,but suppose you want to target a US people for your product but you don’t know how much exactly your total friends belong to US,

so how can you know about the location of your friends.

There is a simple method by which you can see the location of your twitter friend and also see the live tweet by him. Just try Mytweetmap .


This is just awesome, image is explaining all the things and for the original feel just visit the site and login with your twitter ID.


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  1. Wow, twitter is great and I see so many new websites coming up about this and that.

    I will have to see what Mytweetmap can offer me. Maybe I could use it although I know where most of my viewers are from, mainly from the US and UK.

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