WD Caviar Green: 1 TB Ecofriendly Drive

WD Caviar Green: 1 TB Ecofriendly Drive

Eco friendly gadgets are in demand and also healthy for our environment. Western Digital step forward to make an Eco-friendly drive by launching 1TB hard drive that is also very power efficient. As you know power consumption of hard drive is directly proportional to its capacity,but contrary to that , Caviar Green 1TB drive consumes less power when its power consumption is compared to other drives.

It has a 32MB buffer memory which ensures access to the drive are reduced and result in increasing performance. Caviar Green has a sub-7200 RPM spindle speed ,unlike the other two,because it uses IntelSeek technology that calculate optimum seek speeds to lower the power consumption as well as noise and vibrations. Due to this factor ,at idle mode ,it consumes a meager 2.8W of power while during read/write operation,it goes up to 5.4W. This drive is quiter in operation and lower on power consumption.It can be used for secondary desktop storge or as a home file server ,where performance can be traded up power saving.

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