Why Choose WordPress for your Blog

There are so many choices when it comes to blogging platforms. Which one do you chose? WordPress is a favorite among many top bloggers for many reasons. It’s free to use, has very little downtime, unlike some other free blogging platforms, and is super easy for the novice blogger to use. Here are five important reasons why choosing WordPress is the right choice.

Reputable – Almost anyone who has even considered starting a blog, at least for people in Western countries, has heard of WordPress and has heard many good things about it. Blog readers are also familiar with the layout of WordPress because most popular bloggers use it, as do many websites and niche sites. WordPress is very reader friendly and creates neat, clean blogs which will make it easy for readers to navigate around the blog and stay there longer.

Easy to Use – WordPress makes it easy to create a free blog but for serious bloggers, it is essential to get paid hosting. The top web hosting services make it easy to install a WordPress blog on their servers, usually in just a few steps. You can literally have your blog up and running within five minutes! Plus there are hundreds of plugins to make the technical side of blogging much easier for you. Focus on writing great content and use the specially designed plugins to help find related posts, add affliate links and check your daily stats.

WordPress TV – If you ever get stuck and need some help on what to do or how to fix a problem, just head over to WordPresstv.com and check out their free video tutorials to get the expert help you need at any time, no matter where you are.

Free Themes and Plugins – Another perk of using WordPress is that there are hundreds of designers working to make new themes and plugins all the time. Many of these amazing themes are free to WordPress users and new themes are added all the time, so you can easily find one that suits you or change it when you need a fresh look on your blog. The only downside of the free themes is that they are not as fully customizable as the paid themes are. However, if you are just starting out and strapped for cash, get a free theme and upgrade awhile later. The same holds true for plugins. There are usually free and paid versions that are similar in nature, with the paid ones offering more in functionality and are more likely to have excellent support from the designer.

Customizable – You can create your blog just how you want it when you start customizing it with WordPress with your choice of domain name. It is always a good option to look for the cheap webhosting for your blogs. You can create almost anything your heart desires, related to creating a better blog of course! Photo galleries, shopping carts, membership sites, portfolio sites, static pages and custom widgets, to name a few.



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