Why Some Laptops Are Cheaper Than Smart Phones

There doesn’t seem to be much anymore that a laptop can do and a smart phone can’t. Smart phones have the capabilities to live stream games and movies, write emails and blog posts, and even shoot and edit pictures and movies. They can even give directions or tell you the best place for Thai in your neighborhood on a whim which isn’t easily done with a laptop due to portability.

It seems as though the smart phone is increasingly replacing the laptop, and it’s fairly obvious why. Aside from not having a full-sized keyboard, smart phones are more portable than laptops, generally have a longer battery life, and can perform on the same functions. Some smart phones are even starting to offer fold-up keyboard accessories to those who prefer having one, and many companies creating smart phones are trying to design phones with optical drives which current smart phones lack.

While this may seem bad for the laptop, it is actually good for laptop enthusiasts. Not everyone wants to work from a 4 inch screen and even smaller keyboard. It’s just not always practical, and it’s the reason why laptops are still one the market. The new push in smart phones has forced laptop creators to design better laptops and offer them at lower prices.

Some smart phones can cost as much as $500 or $600. Now, you can get a great laptop with more memory, better graphics, quicker processors, and a full size keyboard for less than that. Sure, you can’t carry the laptop around in your back pocket, but the small designs of some netbooks, like the Asus Eee series, make it possible to easy tote one around in your purse or messenger bag.

There is no reason to limit yourself to a smart phone simply because you paid too much for it. There are great laptop deals all over the internet, and inexpensive laptops can be purchased for anywhere between $150 to $300 online, and they aren’t just netbooks. Several sites, such as TigerDirect, offer great, full-sized laptops with software at incredibly low prices.

Sure, smart phones are great to have, but they can actually slow you down when you need to quickly knock out emails and reports. Stop squinting and cramping your hands with your smart phone. When business needs to be done on the go, you need a laptop, and their new low prices make them easier than ever to afford.


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