Winamp media player 5.551 full download and review

Winamp media player is one of the most lovable media player of the World, its seem World splits into two parts,one in Windows media player and second one is Winamp. Here isĀ  the latest version of Winamp, Winamp 5.551 with some new features. The most beautiful part of Winamp is enormous number of feature which can be boost by repository plug-ins and add-ons.

The most important part is you dont need to pay for it as almost all important features are available for free.


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The installation file is only 9.5 MB small and it takes only 35 MB of hard drive space. It support large number of audio and video formatswithout installing any extra codecs (MP3,MP4,OGG,AAC,WMA,AVI and lots more).

Installation of these file offer an additional components that can be downloaded and installed in the process. Winamp Remote is an example of the additional component which you should install to get the benefit of scan your media files and folders and added to library

Winamp do not look as good as media player or iTunes but you can customize the way you want the player to display media files.

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