Windows 7 File-Sharing Beta launched by Microsoft

As the Microsoft testing its Beta version of Windows 7 as well as for the users whoare using beta and willing to continue with it there is new software, Microsoft yesterday released a trial version of new file-sharing software intended for use with its upcoming and highly-anticipated operating system.

The new software allows PC users to swap files with the computers of friends, family, and trusted

colleagues along safe, secure channels. Dubbed “Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5,” the beta connects the Windows Live IDs of individual users with a Windows 7 account, essentially building a secure link between data stored on a hard drive and information accessible via Windows Live online. (Source:

Much like a Google Docs spreadsheet, a user could grant access to online files — and those on his computer — by simply inviting them into his or her Windows 7 “homegroup”.

Secure and selective user access

Microsoft boasts that its system for inviting (and omitting) users is more complicated than its competitors’. On its official website, Microsoft stated “On his homegroup, Bob wants to share certain documents with his wife but not with his kids. Simply by specifying his wife’s Windows Live ID user name, Bob can give his wife exclusive permission to access documents on his computer.”

Windows Live Sign-in Assistant 6.5 will gain a few new features when used in accordance with Windows 7, including twenty new hotkey combinations and native support for touch-screen technology.

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