WINDOWS 7 (Microsoft launches New Operating System)

As u to keep updated with  the newest in the technomedia here is the new operating system from microsoft which is updated by windows vista as the vista had always a problem that it is slow so now the faster beta version finally launched for download and use


Windows XP was only a 0.1 increase on Windows 2000, and that probably had more changes than Windows 7 will bring. After all, the interesting stuff will be how Windows 7 relates to Windows Live and Live Mesh – or doesn’t. (I’d expect the US Justice Department to block the sort of innovations that would be really good for consumers on the grounds that they’d be good for Microsoft as well. Can’t allow that!)

Microsoft will be handing out a pre-beta “developer only release” at PDC at the end of the month, and at WinHEC, which follows.

It will be interesting to see how Windows 7 is received, because then we might have some idea whether it will appear in February 2010 (or thereabouts) or whether Microsoft might get it out before Christmas. Either would arguably be “on schedule”. After all, Microsoft delayed the public release of Vista until after Christmas, so as not to disadvantage PC retail suppliers who feared they would be stuck selling old fashioned and obsolete Windows XP machines…

After that, roll on Windows 8 and Windows 9! There’s plenty of virtualisation stuff that’s worth doing and probably isn’t going to make it into Windows 7, and (for the benefit of the particularly clueless) every numbered release is really a snapshot of what’s actually a continuous work in progress.

here are some video of windows 7 by microsoft..




if u want to Download it copy the WEBSITE link on the right side, and paste it into your browser to start the download of the 2.4 GB ISO file – just clicking it will only show you the Windows 7 homepage. burn that  image onto a disk and install windows 7 enjoy the beta

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