Windows Live Movie Maker

Do you like to make slide show of photographs or movie with mixing video and snaps ? then there is a update for you. Microsoft windows has updated many times its free movie maker program which is installed by default when you install Microsoft Xp or Vista and now in that series updating the software they have come up with Windows Live Movie Maker 1.0, which is the latest edition of movie maker with a nice look and easy to use platform then prev, it does convert your pics and videos to slide show and movie clips.

Earlier when i installed windows live on my windows 7 it contains messenger ,mail, photo gallery, writer and tools .This new update  is compatible with Vista and Windows 7 operating systems only. It comes bundled into the Windows Live Essentials suite of apps. if you will install  this software on windows xp it will not contain movie maker.

windows live movie maker

you have to follow easy steps to install this software it can be downloaded by and then while installing select the option you wnat to install like it have many other option like family saftey and live writer of you have windows live prev installed then this will add only movie maker for you.

according to Cnet about its features”Microsoft’s emphasis on the visual hits home when you get started. In addition to adding photos and video clips through a menu button, you can drag and drop them into the storyboard. Likewise, you can click and drag to move clips around. For extremely simple movie-creation, after you arrange the clips, a click of the Auto Movie button (in the Home tab) ties the clips together with a title, transitions, and pan and zoom effects. If it doesn’t add a song clip for you, it prompts you to select one (again, through the Home tab.) Automating movies and slide shows this ways is a great two-second option for casual or time-stressed users


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