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Every blogger wants to know about the status of his site or his competitor website. From status i mean either page rank ,alexa rank, meta tags, keywords, HTML codes etc. For this, they go here and there and search for a site by using different tools. Also by knowing about meta tags and keyword used by competitor website

one has to decide his own keywords and overall they want to optimize their blog for search engines.

If you don’t know about wmtips.com then obviously you are missing something big because on this website you will get a Webmaster Tools section in which you will get plenty of tools that can check the most hidden status of any website.

These tools are:

Site Information Tool
Search Engine Update Monitor
Paid Links Detector
Google Pagerank Checker
Adsense Preview Tool
DoFollow Blogs Search Engine
Keyword Density Analyzer
HTML Code Obfuscator
HTML Encoder
Browser Checker
Online .htpasswd Generator

Apart from these tools there are lots of things present on the website.

I am giving the screenshot of very interesting tool ,i.e. Site Information Tool

30-04-2009 19-21-14

I think this page gives you lots of information. And i am making you surprise by saying that this is only a small part of the website . There are lots of tips for SEO, CSS, Adsense and HTML,Affiliate program, Apache, Javascript, PHP also. Just try it.

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