WordPress 3.3 Released; Includes Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader

Most beloved blogging platform WordPress released a major update today in the form of  WordPress 3.3. WordPress 3.3 code named as Sonny, in the honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt. This new version is available to download from wordpress.org and ready to upgrade right from your WordPress dashboard.


This new version has some new and some improved features. Here is a list of these new features:

1. Drag-and-Drop Media Uploading:

WordPress tie up with Plupload to deliver drag-and-drop media uploading functionality within WordPress platform. Now you have to just select any many of files even of different file types, drag them and drop over media uploader. It will automatically detect file type and handle them to upload on your selected destination to store files.

2. Redesigned Dashboard:

Now WordPress support flyout menus, you don’t need to press that old drop down button to show all sub menu within main menu. Now hover over a menu item to show submenu in a Flyout manner. This will increase your productivity and time too.

3. New Admin Bar:

From the introduction of WordPress Admin Bar, WordPress regularly makes changes in Admin Bar. Now Header and Admin bar are merged together to save space. Hovering over these toolbar items will reveals submenus when available for quick access.

4. New Permalink addition to Permalink Structure:

Permalink plays a good role in blog SEO, hence WordPress added two new improvements in this field. Now you have a new permalink structure, /%postname% to apply for your blog. Many webmasters uses this features from the day they installed WordPress for their blog using custom permalink structure.

Additionally there is performance improvements for all permalink structures.

5. Better Co-editing:

If two persons edit a single post or page then WordPress warn both of them that another user also editing that post. Now this feature gets an upliftment as this feature gets real-time feature. You’ll only get that alert if another person is still on the editing screen — no more time lag.

6. Tumblr Importer:

WordPress now support Tumblr import feature. This makes a easy path to import Tumblr blog data to WordPress blog platform. This is helpful for many Tumblr bloggers who want to migrate their blog platform.

7. Other Improvements:

Besides these new features WordPress 3.3 comes with many feature improvements. Widgets are automatically re-configured if you roll back to your old theme. Before this update you have to manually apply sidebar widgets every times to change your theme. New welcome screen greets you to new version and guide you to new feature of that version.

Enjoy Blogging and enjoy WordPress !!

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