WordPress.com Brings Site Stats to Dashboard

You worked hard, invested your time on blogging and want a rise in your blog visitors. To help you track blog visitors WordPress.com offers ‘Site Stats’ feature. With Site Stats you can view and analyse blog visitors from a single post to whole blog and from the day you start blogging to present.

The stats dashboard has always been one of the most popular admin screens. Last week WordPress presents Read Blog feature on Dashboard and now its time to merge Site Stats in to Dashboard. On Dashboard your stats are available under ‘My Stats’ tab. Stats will also continue to be available by clicking on the sparkline in the admin bar at the top. This new dashboard is updated with a new look by by making panels regularly spaced, using rounded gravatars for your commenters, and giving it an overall lighter feel. WordPress working on adding country stats of visitors.

The best feature of site stats on Dashboard is that you can view stats by from all of your WordPress blogs associated with the account you are logged in. This dashboard can provide stats from your WordPress.com blogs and other self-hosted blogs/websites.

All blogs on WordPress.com get Stats as a free feature and self-hosted blogs can install Jetpack plugin by Automattic which contains a bunch of free plugins along with site-stats. Every time a visitor views a URL on your blog, the visitor’s web browser loads a small smiley-face image from WordPress stats system. The action is logged and the logs are summarized every few minutes to update the statistics, graphs, charts, and lists.

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