WordPress plugin for change in permalink with 100% redirection

every one wants his blog to be SEO otimized but many changes are required in doing seo optimization many tips and trick i got when i attended wordcamp india 2009 by various great bloggers and one of them was  changing in your permalink structure to make it SEO friendly.

We have already discussed about plugins in wordpress like wp-thumbnail post layout, auto social.

but the default permalink structure in wordpress is something like


now these default permalink are not at all SEO friendly so changing these are required one of method of changing is go to setting option and then in permalink option you will find custom structure here you can create your  new permalink. when i changed my permalink i faced a lt of problems like the post which are digg and submitted in various directory was not opening getting a message “nothing found” so all my pages indexed as 404 pages.

then i came to know about wordpress plugins from shoutmeloud which really work for redirecting my url and not indexing my pages as 404  error pages. the plugin is Dean lee Permalinks migration plugin .

which helped me with the migration without loosing any single page which is indexed by Google.

The plugin will generate a ” 301 redirection” or you can call it permanent redirection when bots will crawl your posts.

Download the plugin from the author page and upload it to wp-content/plugins/ directory

Now go to plugin under your admin dashboard and activate the plugin, go to settings and select permalinks migration and you will see your Old Permalink Structure there


now Don’t make any changes there

now go to settings > permalinks and change it to your desired permalink.


When you have changed your permalink you can check it out by opening you older post from google search .

I’m using /%postname%. as permalink for my blog .You can also use use category and post name as your wordpress permalinks, like /%category%/%postname%

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  1. That’s one of my fav plugin. when I moved from blogspot to wordpress and changed my permalink. This plugin become a life saver for me!!

    Harsh Agrawal’s last blog post..Use Thmblicious to preview your delicious bookmarks screenshots

  2. Awesome plugin. I have been looking for something like this. Thanks for sharing this. You just saved me hours of searching!

    Salwa’s last blog post..Why Would You Want to Give Something Away Free on your blog?

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