WordPress plugins used by Makeuseof.com

Plugins are always a very hot topic amongst bloggers as every blogger want to know the secret plugins used by other successful blogs.And suppose you got to know about all the plugins used by one of the most successful blog of the world whose Technorati rank is under 100 then it will be a treat for you.

Thanks to my dear friend Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud.com for writing such a nice post about how to

Find the plugin used by any wordpress blog

After reading the post i searched for many blogs but i hadn’t find the result as all the blog i searched for were optimized by blocking its wp-content folder with robots.txt

But i luckily found a blog which is one of my favourite blog and i am sure you will become fan of the blog after its one glimpse,i.e. Makeuseof.com. After applying a trick i got all the plugins used by Makeuseof. These plugins are in large number as given in a screenshot. But remember to optimize your blog by using minimum number of plugins as using all these plugins would not be a great idea.

plugin 1

plugin 2

plugin 3

plugin 4

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