WordPress Now Provides Badges to Praise Bloggers

It feels proud when you get positive feedback about your work from other person. You would start working hard and get some rewards. The same strategy has been adopted by WordPress team as they now gives you badges for your follower count. WordPress.com blogs now rewarded with two type of Badges, Follower Badge and Like Badge.

You will get badges for the number of followers you get. This Badge system works in a way that when your blog get 5 followers you will receive a +5 Badge, when blog get 10 followers you will receive a +10 Badge and then +20, +50, +100 and so on. You will also get Badges for likes you receive from visitors. The like system will also be same of Follower Badge.

With these Badge system WordPress also notify you about when you’ve had a particularly good day for receiving likes or new followers. WordPress now notify you about your best days for likes and follow. This whole new system will work from the March month.

So if you really like a blog post on your favorite topic feel free to hit like or follow that blog. This way you will be notify when a new post publish on that blog. Also your Like and Follows will give the blogger a Badge for his fantastic work and you will receive frequent updates.

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