World’s Smallest 802.11n device

According to Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR):
UniFi® is a revolutionary single-chip Wi-Fi solution with highly optimised features for embedded applications.

CSR has launched its UniFi UF6000 range of Wi-Fi chips, the world’s smallest and lowest-cost 802.11n compatible devices. At less than 16mm2 of silicon, UniFi UF6000 devices are designed to be embedded into Wi-Fi products, making them the most desirable low cost 802.11n enabled Wi-Fi solutions for mobile devices.

Without compromising on performance or PCB space, the UniFi UF6000 range provides the best low cost route to integrate Wi-Fi into handsets. UniFi UF6000 supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g and n.


1)Ultra low power consumption
2)Simple interfacing to embedded processors SDIO/SPI as standard
3)Onboard RISC processors to reduce host processor load
4)QoS (4 packet queues in hardware, minimising load on host processors)
5)An exceptional degree of coexistence with other radios
6)Unity Bluetooth/Wi-Fi coexistence decision logic (with uniquely high and robust coexistence performance if CSR Bluetooth IC is used)
7)Range of packaging choices
8)Wi-Fi Alliance certified.

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