Xbox 360 dashboard updates available

For the gamers when it come to xbox it is like heaven now while i browsing i came across that Xbox 360 Dashboard is avialble which has a list of great feature included.

this new summer 2009 dashboard update included Netflix functionality which has special Party Watch mode and the capability to automatically add new and popular movies and TV shows to your queue directly through the onscreen interface and also have more avatar customization options.

for gamers it includes features that improve your entertainment experience and give you new ways to express your individuality and connect with friends. With this update, you can download full Xbox 360® games and play them without a disc, and you and your friends will be able to party watch movies online through Netflix! Dress up your avatar to impress with premium props and branded apparel from fashion label




by adding netflix in this update you can browse and share new movies and can add this to your instant que from just your seat.

  • Party Watch – Catch a show with your friends!  Bring your party into Netflix and watch a movie or TV show together.  (Feature available with supported titles.)
  • Find Content Faster – Browse through New Releases and other genre lists based on the types of shows you’ve previously watched, all from the comfort of your couch.

Games on Demand


By this you can find ,buy and download unlimited Games just from your room by just using Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.

  • Purchase – Purchase full games using Microsoft points or a credit card.  Games are downloaded directly to your console (hard drive required), and your purchase history is stored by Xbox LIVE, meaning you can delete games and re-download them again if you run out of space.
  • Playing and Sharing – As with other LIVE content, your game license is linked to your Xbox LIVE account.  Download your purchased games to any console you are logged into with your Gamertag, and anyone else can play on the console that your game was originally downloaded to.
  • Avatars


    be cause avatar are mostly favorite now so on xbox marketplace now you can also checkout new Avatar Props

    Avatar Props – Equip your avatar with animated items they can interact with and carry around.


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