Yahoo Launches Axis Web Browser For iPhone & Plug-ins For Windows & Mac

Yahoo tries something new to gain its old reputation in world of web. Today, Yahoo launched Axis web browser for iOS and Web Browser plugin for PC and Mac. Axis will present search results live as you type along with their web preview, a feature similar to Google Instant. The Axis web browser synchronizes data with iOS browser and plug-in on different web browsers on all devices. Axis browser plug-in is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and Safari.

Axis fetches web search results from Microsoft’s Bing and presents in new user interface developed by Yahoo. This is seem as one of many combined products of Yahoo and Microsoft after their last year tie-up. When you install Axis browser plug-in on your current web browser, a new search tab appears on bottom-left of browser window. When you click in search box it expands and shows trending searches. If you start typing a search query it will provide instant search results.

Axis browser plug-in also manages your bookmarks, Axis search history and browser history across multiple devices. You can Bookmark a web page by a little clicking Star icon on Axis Search tab bar.

Yahoo brings Axis as a stand-alone browser for iOS and is working for Android browser too, which we will get in near future.

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