YouTube Launches 100 Celebrity Channels

You tube will be taking original content from different media companies and collaborating with the most of the well known celebrities in the future.There are about 100 You Tube channels with the real contents from the celebrities such as Ashton kutcher,Madonna,Shaq O’Neil etc and the different numbers of participating buisiness such as Wall Street Journal, The Onion and more.

These new original channels will be shown on You-Tube in the next month and will finally continue over the next year.They will offer 25 hours of original video content everyday on youtube after collaborating with a lot of television and media companies basically are the hollywood production companies.

According to the latest report the new celebrities are also making their you-tube channel including deepak chopra,Rainn Wilson and Sofia Vergara.This type of project was developing from the last six months.At the starting there were supposed to be only 20 premium channels.The overall cost of this project is around $100 million.

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