Youtube new module:Spotlight,promoted and featured video

untitled3Youtube make a recent change in its website .Youtube renamed a module on the
homepage ,watch page and search result page to discover the video on youtube in
different ways.It categorise it in three different format.These format are:

1) Spotlight Videos: In this section youtube will highlight videos according to
the demand of people videos that contain information, inspire, and entertain.
According to youtube “We think “Spotlight Videos” is an appropriate moniker
for this section, and soon we are going to take a more thematic approach to
showcasing some of the best videos our community and partners produce.
When you see these videos, they will have top billing on the pageĀ — a true spotlight.”

2) Promoted Videos: Youtube takes a good step to change its sponsored video
promoted video section.
This is a nice bussiness move after promoting videos to a target audience but
this section is right now only available in US. According to youtube” Whether
you’re a start-up band trying to break out with a new single, or an advertiser
showing off how to use your cool new product, this program is a great way
for you to promote and drive traffic to your content.”

3) Featured Videos: “Featured Videos will be primarily populated with videos
from YouTube’s thousands of partners, but they might
also include select user videos that are currently popular or that we
have previously showcased in Spotlight Videos. We will
automatically rotate these videos throughout the day to keep them fresh.”

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