Youtube releases application for Windows mobile & s60

Good news for all windows mobile user and series 60 users like me because YouTube has released a version of their mobile application for most Windows Mobile and S60 handsets for displaying their videos on your phone, and its pretty good.

The user interface is attractive and uses fluid animations, and video quality is also very good, and apparently adaptive to the speed of your own connection.


The new application allows YouTube to play on some phones that previously could only see videos from the mobileYouTube site on their browser.
youtube2 with windows mobile

One of the major improvements has been in terms of speed with YouTube loading, searching and downloading videos as much as 90% quicker than the streaming videos that come from the mobile site.With the service automatically optimized to your Wi-Fi or 3G network, picture quality is improved.

you can download this application free form  using Pocket IE.

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