10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft made Windows 8 Consumer Preview to download from their website for all Windows enthusiasts. Windows 8 is basically developed to run it on Tablets. This version of Windows presents a complete overhaul to User Interface. You are now greeted by a new UI known as Metro instead of the usual desktop screen. Microsoft aiming that Windows 8 will work as a game changer in Operating System war.

Here are some features you must be aware about Windows 8.

1. Metro UI:

Microsoft is making one of the biggest upgrades to its Windows OS. Windows 8’s Start Menu will be replaced by Start Screen with tiles. These tiles are customizable application shortcuts as found on Windows Phone 7 OS. With Metro UI you can access information more quickly, just a tap away.

2. Windows App Store:

Microsoft is following the Apple’s path by launching Windows Phone Apps Store which is similar to iTunes Store or Google Play. At Windows Store developers can distribute their free or paid apps to Windows 8 users like Android Market. You can find software tools, productivity apps for better work, and games for full entertainment on Windows Store. Now swipe your finger to make a gesture pattern which can be used as a password to open your Windows user account. You can tap anywhere to that image, encircle it or can draw line between two points.

3. Charms:

With the implementation of Metro UI, Windows 8 also has Charms, to configure individual apps settings. To open an apps Charm swap your finger from screen right side to mid. On PC and Laptops you can open Charms by dragging the mouse to the bottom-left corner of screen.

With Charms you can configure some System settings as well as App specific settings. Charm has features like Start, Search, Share, Device and Settings. User can configure these settings as per their needs and search hard drive & web direct from apps.

4. Picture Password:

As Windows 8 is centric to touch screen tablets and typing passwords on touch screen devices is a hectic process. To make your passwords more secure and easy to type Windows 8 features Picture Password. To use Picture Password you have to first choose an image on which to perform gesture.

5. Task Manager Large Application View:

Task Manager shows all the running services and software programs with networking and memory usage details in Windows Vista and 7. Task Manager in Windows 8 has a revamped look and feature improvement. Now you can get more detailed information about every process and running app.


6. New File Copy Experience:

You can’t Pause/Resume files while copying from one place to another on your Windows system. But with Windows 8 you can now pause/resume, add new files to copy and even cancel them using a single window. All your file management operations can be handled with a single window. Estimated file transfer time in Windows Vista/7 is not accurate. With this this version you can now get better transfer time and detailed graphs of how speed has changed over transfer time.

7. Windows-To-Go and Reset OS:

In previous Windows operating systems you can carry your favorite apps in an external device like pen drive and can use them on a different computer without installing it. With this way you only can run some office features, web browsers and some software applications which are available in Portable format.

But in Windows 8 you will be able to carry whole operating system in external derive. This Windows-To-Go features carry all your settings and software packages with you, without heavy hardware. This way you can feel your own PC environment on every machine you use.

Here is a CES 2012 Windows 8 Demo Video, Have a look:

8. Internet Explorer 10:

Windows default web browser internet Explorer looses its market share to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browser. Almost all power internet users complains about slow page load time, very few add-on availability and some security issues of Internet Explorer. With Internet Explorer 10, which is pre-installed on Windows 8, Microsoft trying to gain its users back.

In Windows 8 Internet Explorer works in two different ways, 1. inside apps and metro UI and 2. Full featured web browser like IE9. Using within app browser you can only search and browse a page without toolbar or browsing tab history. But with stand alone browser you can experience all web browser features like browsing web, viewing video, add-on compatibility and 3D graphics rendering. IE 10 will be a good start for Microsoft’s come back in web browser war.

9. Reset OS:

All previous versions of Windows like Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 become slower with time. Installed software, browsers and games creates temporary and cached files. Some of these files can’t be deleted even after you un-install that applications. So to make your computer faster you had to re-install Windows at least once in a year.

With Windows 8 you can Refresh or Reset your operating system to boost its performance. Refresh re-installs Windows OS but retains your settings, customizations and personal data. By Reset your whole settings, personal data including software will be deleted and you will get new Windows OS.

10. Various Performance Improvements:

Faster boot, Faster resume from hibernation, Fast Searches, Always on apps makes Windows 8 considerable fast. Windows 8 also improve battery life of mobile devices. With these performance enhancements Windows 8 also feature automatic maintenance, NAT support, BitLocker integration. Multi-tasking on Windows 8 system is also great with enhanced multiple monitor support.

Microsoft planning to build Windows 8 as the best and most advance Windows operating system ever. It will surely change the way we use Windows today. We will cross our fingers for Windows 8 success.

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