How to submit your post automatically to social bookmarking website (Techmad tips #16)

In Wordcamp India 09 I learnt a blogging tip that if content is King then its marketing is Queen,For generation of user traffic no. of post are  important, but the most important thing is marketing of your blog. For marketing different social bookmarking websites like Digg, ,stumbleupon and many more are available.

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I used to integrate facebook with a twitter application,from which i got a facility to synchronize my update on twitter to facebook and vice versa. Suppose you will get an application from the help of which you can submit your status update to every social networking sites.There is a system exist on a planet. The application known as allows you to submit a status update and to appear on  various social networking sites, such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and, Digg within few seconds


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